Statement About Changes to FEPI Sub Advisory Team

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We wish to inform our stakeholders that one of our portfolio managers has recently departed from his role at Vident Asset Management. He was part of the sub-advisory team supporting the implementation of our FEPI strategy. While his contributions were valued, it’s crucial to remember that Vident serves as a sub-advisor under the guidance and direction of Rex Advisors.

Our investment strategies are robustly designed and rules-based, firmly ensuring that the transition will not impact the management and performance of the fund. Rex Advisors continues to lead with a strong commitment to the stability and integrity of our investment processes. The departure of a team member from our sub-advisor does not affect our ability to effectively manage the fund or our ongoing promise to deliver consistent results.

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership. We at Rex Advisors are dedicated to maintaining the high standards you expect and trust us to uphold.